Falling Forced Combination System Manufacturer From India


Falling Forced Combination System/Falling Film With Forced Circulation Evaporator

Forced Circulation Evaporator

Product Description

Falling + Forced Combination System is a highly beneficial machine, which has been designed to concentrate solutions especially feed liquids in order to recuperate solid substance from the industrial effluents. This combination type of device has been uniquely designed to proffer proper evaporation of the solution through certain processes. In this procedure, property degradation of chemicals and viscosity play a paramount role. This economic evaporator uses plates or tubular of falling film along with the thermal vapour recompression. However, sometimes mechanical vapour recompression has been used instead of TVR. In the falling film evaporator, the component has been concentrated up to 40% and then, in the forced circulation evaporator the solution has been concentrated between 40%-50%. Due to the low duty of the finisher, a completely different evaporator acts as a finisher. This industrial device is very popular among the commercial users due to its high functionality and attractive quality.

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