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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Product Description

Many age old traditional heat exchangers gave birth to innovation, en-ending! This Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger is simply innovation that made it big. They are being used to transfer heat co-efficiently and better. Maintaining the ideal temperature and bring down a great deal of a difference in bring up the heat transfer rate. The design has been used at large in order to calibrate the actual heat required on a particular surface, with respect to particular fluids, inlet as well as outlet temperatures, the various kinds of heart exchangers for counter as well as parallel flow. They are being used in the various industries for heating as well as cooling applications. They carry superior surface that indeed stimulates the thermal performance. Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger can be used as single as well as twin phase heat exchangers and they are being largely used to heat, boil and condense the various liquids as well as gases.

We manufacture shell & Tube type heat exchanger in all types of material.(MS, SS-304, SS-316, Cu.)

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