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Zero Liquid Discharge System

Zero Liquid Discharge System

Product Description

The Concept of Zero Liquid Discharge is introduced to decrease the water pollution mainly in industrial area by using different kind of waste water treatment plant such as Sewage Treatment Plants(STP), Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP), Ultra Filtration(UF), Reverse Osmosis(RO), Forward Osmosis(FO), Multiple Effect Evaporator Plant(MEE), Stripper System, Agitated Thin Film Dryer(ATFD), Sludge Dryer ETC. So, if we talk about industrial area the meaning of Zero liquid discharge is that you are not permitted to discharge waste water from your plant.

ZLD System is a process which is used to treat effluent (Waste Water) of a different kind of Industries. So, let’s talk about the common treatment scheme of ZLD system to treat the effluent. At the starting of the process Effluent will be sent to Effluent treatment Plant (ETP) where parameters of effluent like Oil & Grease, PH, TSS, COD, & BOD will be treated. Now in some case solvent can’t be removed by ETP Process so in that case effluent will be fed to stripper system where solvents will be recovered. Then effluent Will be fed to Ultra Filtration Plant (UF) which are generally used to extend the life of RO plant by isolating the solid particles from effluent. Then after it will be fed to Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO), Where two streams will be generated, first one is permit water & second one is reject water. Permitted water can be reused by the industries but we have to treat reject water of RO, so reject water from the RO plant will be sent to Multiple Effect Evaporator or Electric Evaporator where clear water will be evaporated from the effluent and vapor will be condensed by Condenser(Heat Exchanger) in MEE Plant. Condensate (Clear Water) can be used in different kind of utilities, but concentrate (Effluent Slurry with 35% to 40% TDS) coming from MEE Plant still need to be treated, so for the final process Effluent will be fed to either filtration units like Nutsche Filter, Basket Centrifuge, & Pusher Centrifuge or Drying units like Agitated Thin Film Dryer(ATFD) & Sludge Dryer (Paddle Dryer) which will provide the salt with 85% to 95%. So now at the end of ZLD process Remaining salt can be sent to dumping site for further process.

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