Multi Stage Steam Jet Ejector System, Multistage Vacuum Ejector Manufacturer From India


Multi Stage Steam Jet Ejector System

Multi Stage Steam Jet Ejector System

Product Description

Multi Stage Steam Ejector System has been appreciated by its commercial users for its diverse functional qualities. With the decline of suction pressure, staging of ejectors becomes imperative for the execution of economical operations. The type of multiple stage ejectors can be condensing and sometimes can be non-condensing. It has been designed based on the latest technology of auxiliary equipment. Ejectors have possessed certain chambers where the pressure energy has been converted into velocity energy.

This device is frequently used for the industrial purpose in order to condense steam turbine for making the vacuum and therefore, it has improved the performance of turbine system. This ejector can make near about 98% vacuum. For swift operation, it becomes imperative for the ejector to accept measured quantity of pure steam of predetermined temperature and pressure. It proffers a simple, low-cost and dependable way to generate vacuum. It can be considered as an alternative option for the vacuum pump.

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