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Rota Jet Ejector System

Steam Jet & Liquid Jet Ejector System

Product Description

Rota Jet Ejector System is an innovative and revolutionary creation of experienced and dexterous engineers in order to support several industries. In this device, the technologies of the steam jet ejector and a vacuum pump have been utilized in order to produce vacuum near about 759 mm of Hg by using motive fluid. Steam has been used as the motive fluid. At first, water ring pump generates 720 mm of hg and after that; the steam jet injector has enhanced the vacuum at the maximum level of 759 mm of Hg. This system has been planned according to the process requirements and the load of the vapour.

The materials that have been used to create ejectors are SS-304, graphite, SS-316, MS etc. and moreover, in order to construct vacuum pump Ss-304, Cl and several other materials have been used. It can be installed effortlessly and the maintenance cost of this system is very low due to the absence of moving parts.

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