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Liquid Jet Ejector/Water Jet Ejector Vacuum System

Liquid Jet Ejector System

Product Description

Liquid Jet Ejector is exclusively designed to control using water, any clear liquid or solvent and produce vacuum, which corresponds to the liquid’s vapor pressure. This device is very advantageous for applications as the process of fluid recovery becomes very expensive. It is appropriate for high considerable and as well as low-level non-condensable loads in certain application of evaporation and distillation. In order to maintain the temperature of the liquid, a heat exchanger has been attached with it. It can also control the vacuum requirement.

It should be pointed out here that in the case of higher vacuum, this device can be used in accordance with steam jet ejector. This machine is available in various materials such as stainless steel, duplex steel, titanium, carbon steel, rubber lined, PTFE etc. For hassle-free and effortless installation, the full system can be delivered as a pre-congregated skid unit. It is easy to operate and the maintenance cost of this device is very low.

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